A Fashion brand based on high-quality basic fashion and excellent customer service

The brief

When I joined S.wear, the main goal was to reflect the high quality and the softness of the products in the brand's visual language, creating a clean, simple and consistent vibe.

The logo

The first thing we had to do is smoothen the "s" shape, and align it to the dot. Next, we had to adjust the contrast between the "s" and the word "wear" with a heavier font.

Old logo
New logo

The wide logo

Having a wide store entrance made the necessity of spreading the logo. The existing solution wasn't readable and wasn't consistent with the main logo, we wanted to constrain the kerning and keep the same proportions as the main logo.

Old logo
New logo


The brand's Hebrew font was very formal, squared, and too harsh for a brand, whose agenda is using mostly natural and soft fabrics. Assistant font matched all of the requirements and being bilingual made blending Hebrew and English much smoother, cleaner and simple.

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