A calendar that adds content to your daily agenda

The challenge

Who of us hadn’t saved an article or a post to read later on, but totally forgot about it during the busy day? You know you have (I feel you... And don’t get me started on my “watch later” folder on YouTube)

That’s how I came up with the idea of an app that doesn’t only save your stuff but also delivers you great content, in your free time.


Meet Jerome, a geeky 36-year-old creator with poor time management. 
Jerome is curious and wants to deepen his knowledge in music and art, but can’t find the best time for it, either he’s working on new music or playing Ps4, he has trouble being efficient.

Possible solutions

How might we deliver the content

1- Add content as events to the calendar.
2- List and save links from various sources.

How might we encourage users to consume content?

1- Offer personalised content.
2- Learn the best timing for each content.
3- Use motivational notifications.

How might we keep users engaged?

1- Get rewarded for achieving goals.
2-  Monitor usage levels from light to heavy.

Information architecture

User flow

I wanted to gain the user's trust before signing up and thought the best moment for it is when they approach their daily goals on their first day of use.


Final design

Next projects