A live VR makeup assistant.

The challenge

My first encounter with makeup ended up like this:

Thank god for puberty

So I came up with the idea of a personal makeup assistance and created a survey that brought these results:

Tips and tricks

46% of the respondents struggle with makeup application and could use tips for flawless makeup.

Shade matching

30% of the respondents find it hard to match products to their shade and often mix few shades.

Choosing products

24% of the respondents prefer having a few good basic makeup products to get the most out of.


You want to feel good with yourself, you want to gain confidence and occasionally even feel like someone else.
One thing for sure - we wear makeup when we go outside, that’s where we’re most aware of how we look and feel about ourselves.

Possible solutions

How might we help users with the process?

1- Use AR guidelines while applying makeup.
2- Add tooltips throughout the process.
3- Brake down the process into specific steps.

How might we help users match their shade?

1- Find their exact shade through camera.
2- Offer products based on their skin tone.
3- Offer solutions in case they use wrong shades.

How might we help users get the most out of their products?

1- Identify the products they use and build a virtual makeup bag.
2- Offer looks based on products they own.
3- Learn their makeup habits and provide useful tips.


The app’s main view is the camera view - where the makeup application process occurs, while the exploration view offers the user recommended looks and products.

User flow

After exploring a few different flows, I decided to show a returning user flow: She already knows the app and the features and uses the app to achieve simple natural makeup.


Final design

First time user

Until the user opens the camera, a weekly makeup look will appear in the hero section.

Returning user

As the user opens the camera, the recommended makeup look will appear directly on the user.

Time to bond

After she's done, the user sees her "before and after" and shares her transformation to unlock a juicy discount.
An unregistered user will be then offered to sign up.

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